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ROES Ordering System

Most of our clients will enjoy using our new online ordering system above. Be advised that ROES works best with Google Chrome, Mac Safari, and IOS devices.


We are always working to expand our online ordering capabilities, and products such as albums, which are currently not available through ROES. If you do not see what you are looking for, please call us at 231-487-2102.

Pricing and Service Fees

See Roes for print pricing information. Click Here

Material Sq. Inch Price
White Vinyl Wall Cling
Photo Bannor
Semi-Gloss Poster 2.5¢
Minimum Pricing $25

Note: Larger prints, including metal prints will be costly to ship. Some sizes requiring freight and crates for transit.

35mm Film

Service Rate
35mm Slides 85¢ / slide with $10 minimum
35mm Film 85¢ / image with $10 minimum
Other 35mm 85¢ / image with $10 minimum


Medium and Large Format Film

Service Rate
4×5 negative $6 per image
Medium Format $3 per image

Film is scanned at 3200 DPI, you will receive a TIF or JPEG file by default. Higher resolutions and other file formats are available by request.

*Large format film may be scanned at 2400dpi if required by max file size restrictions.


Photo Scanning

Photos are scanned at 10 cents per sq inch, minimum $2 per item and $10 per order.

Hourly scanning is $150 per hour, 2 hour minimum.

Photos are scanned at 1200 DPI, you will receive a TIF or JPEG file by default. Higher resolutions and other file formats are available by request.


Large Format Reproduction

We offer photographic reproduction services for larger photos and artwork. We bill by the item or by the hour depending on what is most economical for your project.

$85 per item photographed or $180 per hour with 1 hour minimum.


Restoration Services

Restoration is billed at $90 per hour in quarter hour intervals.


Other Information

Hourly rates are available for larger projects. All scanning is done in our Michigan facility, discount companies will outsource your film and photos to India and China.

Service Rate
Photoshop $90 / Hour
Rush Service Additional 50% of price.
Double Rush Service Double the price.
“I need it ASAP!” Rush Service Triple  the price.
Van delivery $Market



Scanning of first photo rate is for first photo in the scan, additional photo rate are for additional photos in the same scan. Large Format scanning is by appointment only, and will only be available in Petoskey on select days. Reproduction Photography is available by appointment only.

Rush service is available on a first come, first serve basis, with priority awarded to the higher rush levels. The “I need it ASAP” Rush Service is a test of human endurance, fueled by caffeine and overtime to complete the project, and will ship overnight or delivered by company van. Same day service available.

Shipping, handling, and delivery charges apply.

If we have asked you to send us your files, please use this option.

NOTE: You must include your name, phone number, or a description of your project in the comment section on the file transfer page. For security reasons, we cannot accept anonymous files and your project will be delayed until we can identify you.



Other information you may wish to review:

  • 1 hour photo services available during normal hours and closes 1 hour early.
  • Project Pickup is available on weekends from the Glass Lakes Photography Gallery. Call ahead with questions for weekend pickup.
  • Photo Prints are processed on a first-come first-served basis.
  • Photo prints are produced same day or if ordered after hours by the next business day.
  • Fine Art Prints are produced in 1 to 14 business days.
  • Loose Canvas will be ready within the business week.
  • Wrapped Canvases and Matted and Mounted products will be produced between 2 and 14 business days.
  • Metal Prints typically are shipped within 2 weeks. 

These times are estimates, while we process your order as efficiently as possible we cannot sacrifice speed for deficiencies in quality. Certain seasons (think December) have higher volumes, and there are times our materials are back-ordered. If you have a deadline, please let us know in the special instructions, and be sire to give yourself enough time for fulfillment. Also note that some options require custom ordered or made materials and that these items will take longer to produce.

While we can accept many file types and color options we do have some preferences to ensure you get the best product. 

For the point and shoot photographer, you may not be as concerned with the technical details of file type or color space as our enthusiast or professional clients. The standard file your camera or phone produces will likely satisfy your expectations. You are always welcome to call us with any questions. 

There are a few things we need you to sort out prior to ordering: DPI, Colorspace, and File Type:

These options are easily configurable in Lightroom and Photoshop, for self-service you can easily google how to change these settings. 

DPI or Dots Per Inch is how many pixels there are in an inch. This is the math your computer is going to use to calculate the document dimensions. To ensure we receive the most usable data please be sure that you are sending us 300 dpi files for all photos, except metal prints, which 200 dpi is sufficient. 

Color space is important. While many labs encourage the use of sRGB, we ask for Adobe98 RGB color space for color photographs, and Gamma 2.2 for Black and White photography. While we can accept sRGB, Adobe98, ProPhoto, LAB, and many more, we ask for Adobe. Adobe98 is a larger color space than sRGB and provides for better tones and gradations. While PhotoPhoto is a great color space as well, we cannot ensure proper accurate output because computer monitors cannot display the wide range of color contained in that space and the results may be unpredictable. Please be sure to embed your color space into your file, as our system will detect it. 

Please, when proofing your images make use of our ICC profiles (available on request), most of which we custom build for our specific printers. Our default render intent is Perceptual. *Embedding rendering intent to your file will override the perceptual intent default.*

File Type is also important. Many labs ask you for a Jpeg file, which forces you to sacrifice precious color data due to the limitations of the file type. We would like you to send us 16 bit flattened Tifs. This will preserve your color detail. 

Remember that quality can only decrease with more processing. Upgrading your file from sRGB to Adobe98, or JPG to TIF to send it to us will not improve the quality of the print. To get any difference in quality your final file would have to be created to these specifications. As in saved from a RAW or exported from a RAW in Light Room (sending us your raws would negate any changes you made to the file).

If you have any questions on these specifications, as always, please feel free to email or call us. 

Color accuracy is paramount to photographic printing. Here, we are providing you with the same color profiles we are using for printing. Use these to accurately predict the outcome of your printing job. Color Chart

A color calibrated screen is required for accurate results.

Screens calibrated by the manufacturer are not going to cut it, you will need to calibrate it yourself. We recommend X-rite or Spyder calibration equipment.

If you wish for us to send you our current ICC profiles please call. You will then need to add the profiles to your computer which varies by operating system. Please reference google for the best way to install the profiles. You are also welcome to call our Print Studio at 231 487 2102.

Please review our terms of sale, including shipping and exchange information here.

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