Canvas your way.

We offer a variety of canvas styles including loose, wrapped, and mounted to suit your needs. Our canvas is superior when it comes to color, and clarity of the final print and it will captivate your audience. Canvas available in Glossy, Satin, and Metallic. Matte options available upon request.

Archival Quality Certified.

When it comes to your work you expect nothing but the best, and that is all we offer. Our Glossy and Satin Canvases are certified for 100 years by the Fine Art Trade Guild, an independent third party who certifies many of the materials used in framing and artwork preservation.

Small or large we print it all.

How large do you need your canvases to be? We can print over 60″ wide, and over 90″ long. Our wrapping capabilities allow for a 57″ wide canvas wrap with custom sizes including 90″ and larger.

Pricing and Options

Many other sizes available. Please see ROES.

Size Rate
8×10 $30
8×12 $32
10×15 $42
11×14 $43
12×18 $45
16×20 $64
16×24 $69
20×30 $75
24×36 $125
30×45 $182
40×60 $230
60×90 $460
Custom Size $0.18 / sq inch

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Size is the face size of the canvas wrap, images can bleed or be mirrored around the corner.

Many other sizes available. Please see ROES.

Size Rate
12×18 $85.60
16×20 $90.00
16×24 $99.00
20×30 $132.00
24×36 $179
26.5×40 $210.56
30×45 $252.00
40×60 $390.00
Custom Size Please Call

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You may choose from 3 options for wrapping the depth edge of your canvas. The first, most popular, is the mirror wrap. Computer software will mirror the last 1.5″ of your photo around the edge of your canvas. This permits the face of the canvas to be the same as the photo submitted. The natural wrap is the second option. The photo is printed and the 1.5″ nearest the edge of the photo will be wrapped around the edge. The canvas will look different than the original photo submitted due to the loss of the photo used to wrap the edge. The third option is to create and edge for your canvas. You will not lose the original face of the photo, nor will you see a mirrored edge.

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Canvas Framing

We are widely considered regional canvas experts. We print canvas, we wrap canvas, and we can help you with your canvas needs. When it comes to canvas we can assist you in wrapping the canvas onto a stretcher frame, dry-mounting it to a board, and finishing it with a frame. We have a selection of float frames and traditional frames with will protect and enhance your piece.