Refund and Exchange Policy:

We pride ourselves on quality and accuracy of the products we send out. Every item is thoroughly reviewed for quality before it makes it to the shipping phase. However, as much as we try we are not always perfect, and in the unlikely event that your product arrives in less-then-expected condition or state we have this policy in place to help you out.

Due to the nature of your prints being custom orders, we cannot offer refunds on received products. In the unlikely event there is an issue with your order we will gladly replace that order, and we will cover the shipping. We will provide a return shipping label and will immediately begin re-processing your order with complimentary Rush service.

Products which are eligible for replacement are items which are damaged or which have printing defects. Petoskey Print Studio will alone determine if there is a defect in the printing. Please remember that color is represented differently on different monitors and devices, if your monitor or device has not been properly calibrated your photos will likely appear different then on your screen. Color accuracy issues are eligible for replacement if the printed colors differ from our internal color calibrated monitors. It is highly recommended that our clients color calibrate their monitor with an external color calibration tool (we recommend X-rite calibration products). All orders processed through ROES offer a Color and Quality check option in checkout. Selecting this option will have a technician manually review your order file before printing to check and correct apparent color errors and resolution, if this option is not selected your photos will be printed as they were submitted.

We are not responsible for print quality issues caused by low resolution files, please ensure that you are sending us the largest possible files for printing. Photos from text messages, screen shots, social media, etc may not reproduce well as they are inherently low-resolution and highly compressed.

You must report any problems with your prints in accordance with the following:

  • In-store:
    • Petoskey Print Studio products are not refundable or exchangeable once you have left the store. Please inspect them thoroughly before departing. We will do everything necessary to ensure a quality product. We are not liable for damage from handling or transport.

  • Shipped products:
    • Printed Product we ship must be inspected immediately upon receipt. You have 24 hours from delivery to inform us of damage or other unsatisfactory issues. We will immediately begin working on your replacement prints.

    • Please document with photos any and all print defects, damage to the box, tube, or other shipping container. Email these photos to and call us at 2314872102 to ensure that we are notified within the given time frame. 

Refunds, credits, exchanges are not available on rendered services such as art-work reproduction, scanning, etc.


It is standard industry practice for a bleed to occur in printing, this happens when printing occurs to the full width of the paper and/or  when trimming occurs. Without bleeding a print there is a risk that the edge of the paper may go un-printed. In our studio bleeds range from .08 to .25 of an inch, typically on the lesser end of the range. Bleeds effect all printed products with the exception of bordered fine prints. Please place all critical components of your photo with at least a 1/8th inch distance to the edge, and anything you absolutely cannot miss at least 1/4 inch in. Matting or framing a photo will also cover a 1/4 inch of your photo in addition to any loss to the bleed.

Rush Services:

Orders are processed on a first come – first serve basis, unless you choose to “rush” your order. We offer various levels of Rush Service.

Rush: This is our standard Rush Service. This puts your project to the head of the line for production in front of other regular service projects on the same media. This means that when your selected paper or canvas is being printed that your project goes ahead of others. Your mats get cut first, and your framing is done first.

Double Rush: Your project will be placed next in line and in front of Rush orders. We will immediately begin working on your project as soon as we are able to do so.

“I need it ASAP” Rush Service: This rush service is fueled by caffeine and overtime. Your order will start being worked on as soon as we know it exists, even after hours. Framing and other components will be ordered with overnight shipping, and your project will be completed and delivered as quickly as possible. This is a service for the professional who has a quickly approaching deadline and needs the best service as quickly as possible. You are responsible for all additional services and costs incurred.

Special Instructions:

You may enter special instructions where appropriate in the order system. We will do our best to complete your project to your specifications. You are responsible for all additional fees and costs to satisfy your instructions. 

Shipping policy:

We currently ship to the US & Canada. Products, once ready for shipping will be deposited to the shipper within 1 business day.

We to keep our shipping as economical as possible, and we try to bill at our own cost.

Shipping prices given before the completion of the order are estimates, we will not know the shipping cost until your order has been boxed, measured, and weighed. Our online ordering system collects a deposit, the remaining due for shipping will be billed to the credit card provided before items are shipped. In the event that your actual shipping cost and the estimated shipping cost are grossly different we will reach out for an additional payment or to credit a refund. 

Smaller items which can fit into a USPS flat rate envelope will ship USPS.

Larger items such as metal prints, larger prints, wrapped canvases, etc will ship UPS.

Items which are too large for UPS, such as metals and canvases over 40″ in length, will ship LTL freight and will require freight and crate fees. These fees will be billed separately and in addition to your order. You will be contacted by one of our staff.

Tracking is available by USPS, UPS, and freight.

In the event that product is damaged in shipment, we will file a claim with the appropriate shipping company and begin working on your replacement product. 

All shipments originating from our facility will be assessed a handling fee determined by the shipping costs. If you have placed an order online your card will be billed for this handling charge when we bill for your additional shipping.

Quality Control and Diagnostics:

We take quality control seriously, and a copy of our policies are available on request. But to keep it simple, we have guidelines in place to ensure you get the best product possible. In the event that something goes a-miss we have steps in place which permit diagnostics and the protection of your intellectual property, and your property will not be shared without your permission. 

Storage Fee:

We ask that all completed projects be picked up within 7 days of completion. We will contact you when your project is ready. Due to a limited storage space we must assess the greater of $20 or 10% invoice total per week after 7 days for storage of completed projects.

Overdue balances:

A balance which remains unpaid after 30 days will incur the greater of $20 or 10% invoice total as a late fee. After 3 months we will refer your overdue balance to debt collection or to the court for action. Late fees and storage fees may be combined for items which remain on our premises with an overdue balance.

This policy will be updated as needed to best suit the needs of our customers and business. It is our obligation to ensure that everything we do here as a company is people-first and fair for all involved. We welcome and value your feedback, please contact us here.