Photo and Art Printing

Yes, we can do that for you!

We are a Fine Art Print Studio, and we handle all kinds of art ranging from painting reproductions to photography. We are not only here for the pro accounts, we are here for the every-day photographer looking for a lab that puts quality first. From the colors to the resolution you will fall in love with the prints from Petoskey Print Studio. 


Color Matters

Our Color

Many labs will deny this, but most use the color profiles created by the manufacture. As paper changes and printers change these profiles need to be updated. We test every profile that comes in with our media, and in most cases create our own in-house. This means that the printer profile you download from us is specific to the printers and papers we are using, and not generalized for a large facility.

Your Color

The time we put into making our colors the best they can be means that your colors will be the best they can be. You will notice that many labs will want your photos to be submitted as Jpegs, and in the sRGB color space. We think that is ridiculous!, these settings will loose a lot of your delicate well planned colors.  We accept all profiles to our lab, and encourage the use of the Adobe98 or Pro-photo color spaces and 16 bit flattened Tiffs (does that sound like gibberish?, call us and we can help!). 


Everyone has to bow to the all powerful budget, we get that! Our pricing is set to be competitive with other regional and national labs. We want to ensure that you are getting a good deal, and are able to resell your product without having to charge an arm and a leg to do so. Our range of products fulfill both the economy and the fine quality shoppers needs.